Anti-aging lifting serum

Anti-aging lifting serum

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This anti-aging serum helps fight the first signs of skin aging. 

It is made up of different natural active ingredients: hemp seed oil, CBD and hyaluronic acid.

Hemp seed oil is rich in vitamins, omega (3 and 6), fatty acids and other natural nutrients essential for the regeneration of skin cells.

CBD, recognized for its anti-oxidant and regenerating action, will fight against the first signs of aging of the skin. CBD is being studied more and more by scientists and cosmeticians, in particular, CBD is one of the strengths of hemp most recognized for its beneficial action on damaged or aging skin.

Hyaluronic acid: by supplementing your skin cells, it allows your skin to regenerate quickly and regain a soft and silky appearance. Hyaluronic acid is considered to be a real 'glue' for the skin, giving the serum that lifting aspect.

These 3 active ingredients are natural and all the ingredients in this serum are of biological origin.

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